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May 19, 2009

EDIM 508 Assignment 3: Alliteration poetry books

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After reading Chapter 3 of Howard Gardner’s book Five Minds for the Future and learning about the interdisciplinary approach to teaching to the synthesizing mind, I began to think about how I might incorporate two very different subjects into one lesson plan. I have been wanting to teach about literature and poetry for a while, as well as illustration, and thought this the perfect time to create a lesson marrying these two disciplines.

My students and I will read and discuss Shel Silverstein’s poem Sara Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take the Garbage Out. This poem shows many examples of alliteration. After reading the poem, each student will write their own poem using alliteration. These poems must have at least 10 lines, and tell a story. They will type their poems into a word processing program and save them for future use.

Once the students have finished their poem and it has been corrected for errors, they will begin sketching their illustrations. Each poem must have at least four illustrations that demonstrate events within their poem. I will help the students refine their sketches and then transfer them to high quality paper.

I would like the students to create their own book using recycled materials, as the poem by Shel Silverstein is about disposal of trash in a responsible way. What better way to use trash than turn it into artistic treasure? Students will collect old cereal boxes, paper bags, and used office paper, newspaper or gift wrap. The cover of the book would be made by covering the cereal box cardboard with one of these types of paper. The inner pages of the book would be made by layering and gluing the other types of paper to make a thick paper board. The illustrations and printed out text of their poems would then be attached to the pages of the book using various method, such as gluing, sewing and taping.

This project could incorporate digital media in so many ways! The poem was recorded by Shel Silverstein, and so the students could listen to that recording. There are many video interpretations of the poem, and we could watch these, or create our own. We could create websites or blogs that show both the poems and the illustrations. The students could create an MP3 of themselves reading their poem, and sync it to an animation created in Animation-ish or Fluxtime.

There are so many possibilities for integration of reading and writing, grammar, art, and technology using this project as a starting point.

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