Are you in the DEN?

When the Discovery Educator Network was born six years ago at the National Education Computing Conference (now ISTE) in Philadelphia (where it is again this year) I had no idea what an impact it would have on my professional life and learning. Yes, I have been exposed to a wealth of resources and more than my share of tchotchkes (swag for you show biz types) but more importantly, I have been connected with a wealth of fellow educators who share a desire to prepare their students for a future that is not our past. That feeling has been quantified in a recent study commissioned by Discovery Education and completed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have always admired the DEN’s motto “Connecting teachers to their most important resource – each other” and believed it to be a lot more than just a clever marketing slogan. Now we know it’s a fact!

So, look over the study and browse the DEN blog as often as you can. Membership is free and the rewards for you and your students can be beyond measure. Look for your state’s Leadership Council (LC) blog in the sidebar on the left for news and local and virtual events. To paraphrase that very distinguished gentleman in the TV commercials who seems to excel at everything, “Stay connected, my friend!”

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