Admin Academy for All

Did you know that Discovery Education has an Admin Academy blog? I don’t think it’s just for administrators. Since you are already reading this blog, I have the feeling that you are a leader and the Admin Academy is a good place for you to check in on often. Does this quote from Jerry Jennings’ recent post strike a chord with you?

“Can more of our students be successful?  Can schools adapt and change to meet the learning needs and styles of many more  students.  Can technology be leveraged increase the learning of more of our students?  What is the role of school leaders to accomplish this? My reactions to these questions is: Intentionally working through change that will increase student learning is the work of educational leaders  today.  Just maintaining the status quo, given our challenges, makes no sense.  Are we ready?  Are we willing to participate and adapt?”

Then this is definitely a place you need to visit on a regular basis. You’ve heard all the quotations about preparing our students for their future. How will you help them with that?

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