For those of us old enough to remember that day ten years ago, those three digits carry with them a flurry of memories and emotion. It’s hard to believe that most of our students may not share any of that with us. This fall’s high school seniors were just starting second grade in 2001. When I read Porter Palmer’s post on the DEN Global blog a few days ago about the two part Discovery special, “Rising: Rebuilding Ground Zero,” I must admit I began bracing myself for what I know will be a host of reminders over the next two weeks. Even though I was born almost nine years after the Pearl Harbor attack, December 7th was a date I knew as well as any family member’s birthday from as early as I can remember. I am pretty sure that September 11th now holds that place for generations to come.
I have two thoughts and a couple of resources to share before I leave you to your own reminiscing about that date and perhaps how your school will memorialize it.
Believe it or not, my thoughts are pretty positive. Soon after the details began to come out about the suicide pilots and the conspiracy, a Muslim high school student of mine in full burqa really felt like a spotlight had been turned on her. I mentioned that this might be a great opportunity for her to be an example of her faith and spirituality to our school community while she had their attention. (Not that she needed any coaxing from me, she was already a positive role model in so many areas of our school.) Last fall I found out she is now a Muslim chaplain at a major university. In my own family, we will be celebrating the first birthday of our youngest granddaughter. The date has taken on a life of it’s own, but life goes on.
As for resourcesDiscovery Education streaming (which all Wilkes EDIM students have full access to) has over 150 items returned after a search on “9/11.” The WTC Tribute Center, which is “based on the concept of Person-to-Person History,” offers a free DVD as part of its outreach.

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