Program Update: Flooding at Wilkes

As many of you know by now, the entire Wilkes-Barre area has been affected by major flooding.  Most of the area has been evacuated, and there are extensive power outages.  The net result of this is that Wilkes servers are currently down, including Moodle and the Wilkes email system.

For current updates, you should keep an eye on their emergency page at  The most recent entry there (as of 10:30am Fri) is:

D2L and Moodle has been suspended until the emergency passes. Students or facultywill not be able to access the courses until power is restored to the university. Access to the portal and registration has also been suspended until power is restored.  Unless there is extensive flooding D2L, portal and course registration should be restored by Monday. For further updates please keep checking this web site.

Since most instructors have no way to get to their class rosters and the email server is down, do not expect to hear from them until power has been restored to the area, most likely by Monday.  In the meantime, we do understand that this means that it will be difficult and/or impossible to meet most deadlines and that your instructors will share how schedules will be adjusted once communication resumes.

Until then, the best thing you can do is send positive thoughts and wishes to the faculty and students that were forced to evacuate the area due to the flooding.

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