Discovering October

You probably can’t hear the word discovery and October without thinking of Columbus Day. So, why not take a look at Janet Hallstrom’s post where she describes using a primary source document letter from Columbus to get her students thinking about the many ramifications of that celebrated and maligned navigator’s opening of the “new” world.

While we are at it, why not also explore some of the free resources the Discovery Educator Network has on tap for this month?
October 3rd: Discovery Education streaming 101 – Get an overview of the basics of Discovery Education’s flagship service which is available for free to all Wilkes EDIM students.

October 11th: Clean Up Your Act – Are you beginning to lose sight of your desk top as the papers now stack up? Learn new and creative ways to go reduce the paper and increase the communication and collaboration in your class with Google Tools. We’ll show you a project based learning opportunity to clean up your students’ habitat and your class.

October 13th: Curiosity in the Classroom‘s “Will Robots Take Over?” – Some think that by 2050 robots will be able to out-perform human brains in every area of cognition.

October 18th: Reaching all Students with Project Based Learning – At the end of this whirlwind tour, you will feel empowered to transform learning in your own classroom.

October 19th: Can I Help You With That? The Student as Collaborator, Creator and Director – Learn how you can use digital media, technology, your state standards and the authentic task to engage your students and move them from the best seat in the house to the director’s chair.

October 22nd: Tech or Treat DEN Fall VirtCon 2011 – Join thousands of educators online and in-person as the DEN team goes house to house to explore the many digital treats available to educators today.

October 25th: May I Have Your Attention Please… The Following Is THEIR Safety Announcement – Learn how to help your students inspire their peers and community through creating public safety announcements utilizing a variety of Web 2.0 Tools on water safety.

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