TurffMutt and some Stem Resources

Discovery Education has teamed up with a couple of friends for some early educational holiday gift giving.

First, you can save the planet one yard at a time and maybe even earn $5,000 to make your school yard a more ec0-friendly space. TurfMutt is a program brought to you by Discovery Education and the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. It offers a variety of resources available for teachers of grades K-5, including standards-aligned, original science lesson plans and activities that focus on how green space benefits your community. That’s a winner even before entering the sweepstakes.

And/or help your students become tomorrow’s innovators. Discovery Education and Intel have developed a dynamic new website devoted to satisfying students’ innate curiosity. CuriosityintheClassroom.com has a variety of resources designed to guide, inspire and generate a passion for science in your students. The site is designed to bring classroom concepts to life in fascinating areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Computers, Robotics and more! Visit CuriosityintheClassroom.com today for more lessons and interactives. We hope you use these resources to transform ordinary lessons into interactive and informative adventures.

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