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DEN Summer School Webinar Series

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

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Who ever said summer school isn’t fun? Get ready for your school year with an amazing series of free professional development sessions from the Discovery Educator Network (DEN)!

DEN Summer School begins August 2. Click on any of the session titles below for more information and to register. All sessions start at 11AM ET.

Week One: Digital Storytelling
August 2- Making Curricular Connections with Digital Storytelling
August 3- Lights, Camera, Education!
August 4- Connecting the Writing Process to Digital Storytelling: Storyboarding and Storymapping
August 5- Web-based Tools for Digital Storytelling

Week Two: Personal Learning Networks
August 9- Connections, Conversations, and Collaborations: Creating a Personal Learning Network That Works For You
August 10- Microblogs and EDU – Making the Most of 140 Characters
August 11- The Social Side of Bookmarking
August 12- Building a PLN with DEN

Week Three: Project Based Learning
August 16- Propel Learning into the Real World with Project Based Learning
August 17- Dissecting Project Based Learning Experiences
August 18- Supporting Project Based Learning with Web 2.0
August 19- Assessing Project Based Learning

Want to spread the word? Here’s a flyer to share with your colleagues.

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The Impact of the Instructional Media Courses

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Lisa Camp, a student in my Digital Media in the Classroom course, posted a great reflection about the third and final project for the course.  She talks about the project itself and how it connects to Howard Gardner’s work, but what I really loved is the impact her project had on her colleagues when she showed it during a team meeting.  Here’s a sample of Lisa’s post.

Well, I had my “premier” today.  Of course there were issues hooking my laptop up to our projector.  Then, naturally there were the buffering issues on a computer and network that is antiquated and just overcrowded.  So, it wasn’t an Oscar winner.  However, I don’t think I’ve ever been in the room with the people from my department (both high school and middle school) where they shut up long enough, or stopped grading papers long enough to pay attention.  Today was that day.  I don’t think several of them even blinked for about the first ten minutes.  I showed them the 3D feature, we took a “virtual walk” through Seville, Buenos Aires and more.  Then, I took them to my house – which was both hilarious and, well, kind of scary!  We literally “drove” from school to my house (using the “camera” pictures) up to the back of my house.

Well, go figure, hey were impressed.  And not only were they impressed, they paid attention, asked questions, asked “how did you do that?!” and came up with some questions about projects they could do.  Then they bandied about ideas back and forth for about 20 minutes about different topics they could do, how they could share the files with each other and how they can bring more culture into their lessons.  They all loved the idea that they actually get to SEE what these countries/cities look like.

Read the whole post here.

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Digital Media and the Creating Mind

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

For a recent assignment in the Digital Media in the Classroom course (EDIM 508) students were challenged to make the connection between Howard Gardner’s notion of the creating mind and the very popular Web 2.0 tool, GlogsterEDU.

Katie Dunbar posted a very thoughtful reflection on this topic that is definitely worth checking out.  Enjoy.