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I LOVE My Job!

Being an elementary librarian has got to be the best of every world: I get to help kids every day; I help teachers/colleagues every day; I have earned the respect of the community; I get lots of hugs every day; I can have fun doing my job; I get to read a lot every day (of course, I don’t get to read for myself much); I get to enhance my own skills in communication, technology, collaboration, research, and more! How many jobs can people say those things about?

My primary function as the elementary library skills instructor is, of course, to instruct all students in matters involving literature enrichment, technology, and research. To do this I make sure I add as much fun into my delivery as I can manage – my fun and the students’. Most teachers email me requesting supplementary materials for their own lessons. I have one teacher who likes to use the same books at certain times of the year. My memory is so bad it is a common joke in the building, but I usually remember to grab Country Bunny about two weeks before Easter and Christmas Cookie Sprinkle Snitcher before Christmas break for this one teacher (of course, last year she actually had to come ask because I forgot!). I have been told that I should encourage the teachers to visit the library to find their needed materials themselves, but there are only one or two able to do this. Usually what ends up happening is that they don’t know which materials they need anyway – and they don’t need to because I always know what they need. I feel that is my job. Their job is to teach content, my job is to provide them with the materials they need to accomplish this task. Sometimes the things they need are not where they think to look, or they can’t find them in the computer because they don’t know exactly what they want – again, I often do. I know they always appreciate this service that I consider my responsibility. Student teachers quickly learn that I offer them the same courtesies; they visit often to borrow not only materials for lessons, but for curriculum materials that I share from my “office”. Kids visit after school all the time because it is a comfortable, safe place for them to be. When we have high school kids in the building (for after school practices or during the school day programs like Big Brothers/Big Sisters), they always make a point of stopping in to say “Hi!”. I know this is because of the mutual repect they have always felt in my presence, but this also makes me feel very special. How many other jobs can say that? I offered an after school program last year where I taught 3rd through 6th graders how to use Alice, a 3-D animation programming tool. The class had so many kids we overflowed the computer lab, into the library with laptops. Then I still had kids wanting to join because word got around about how much fun we were having.

In my profession, I am able to provide a needed service to kids and to adults every day. I am able to enjoy variety in my responsibilities all day every day. I love the “chaos” of having classes in and out of my room all day; I could not handle seeing the same group all day – I need the chaos that comes with variety. I feel extemely proud to be able to hold a professional position which provides me with as much personal satisfaction as I provide to others. If more people could find this same self-motivation in their own professions, this world would be an amazing, positive, happy place. Let’s go for it – YeeHAAA!!!


QUESTION FOR COMMENTS: I would dearly love to hear from other people who LOVE their jobs. What do you do? What is it about your job that makes you so happy with it?

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  1. With all of the changes being made to the responsibilities of teachers compared to, say 20 years ago, that love of teaching and taking advantage of the opportunity to make a difference is really what makes the ticket. If we don’t feel that need then it just is not worth it. I’m glad we have such good people willing to come into the profession knowing the amount of work involved because even with all of the personal benefits, it is not for the weak of heart!

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