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Saturday Detention

Sometimes discipline in a school setting requires more drastic action than just what can be provided for in the classroom or the office. Our school does after school detentions, but about fifteen years ago they also started Saturday Detentions. I am the Saturday Detention monitor for our school (yup – we have Sat Det for 4th through 6th graders monthly, and we have had one or two 3rd graders signed up). I very rarely need to sign someone up myself, but there are plenty of others who do. They can get it for too many homeworks not handed in and for discipline issues. My girls are unfortunately used to the fact that if Saturday Detention is on the calendar they will be getting up with me to go. This is for my own protection; I always have someone else in the room so that I am not faced with accusations about misconduct if only one student shows up. I even had to have my husband go with me once or twice because either my girls were not available or because there were one or two “volunteers” who were there for violence incidents. I often worry about my car in the parking lot – am I going to go out sometime to find my tires slashed or my car “keyed” because some kid was mad about receiving detention? Then there was the one time when I was trying to help a kid out by making a copy of some extra practice work he was having trouble with so he was literally about one minute late leaving. The Dad came in swearing at me, using language I was totally shocked by. Gee, I wonder why the kid had detention for behavior issues? If I had not been stunned to silence I would have reminded him that we were in a school setting and that foul language (of that nature especially) was not acceptable – not to mention the fact that he was not teaching his son anything about respect or appropriate behavior. Despite incidences like these, I really do enjoy doing Saturday Detention. I get a ton of work done normally. The kids are usually pretty well behaved for me, and cooperative. My rules during detention are rather stringent. If they do not bring real work with them, I have plenty for them. They are not allowed to  do any activity considered fun (no drawing, reading for pleasure, puzzles, or anything else fun). It is three hours long and they get one bathroom break – when they take it is their decision. My library chairs are extremely hard and uncomfortable so it is definitely not a pleasant experience. It is not very often that kids make the same mistake twice, so it is not really very common to see the same ones more than once, twice at the most, before they decide the behavior was not worth it. I guess that is the ultimate goal: to discourage the behaviors from being repeated. For me Saturday Detention is something I really don’t mind doing. It is a supplemental position so I willingly apply for it every year. Gee…I never have competition for that position…I wonder why?

QUESTION FOR COMMENTS: Do other districts have Saturday Detentions in elementary? Who monitors it? What rules do they follow? How do they handle it when only one student shows up, so that there are no allegations of misconduct against the teacher/monitor?

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  1. My district has Sat. detention only for HS students. It is monitored by a paid teacher. I think the rules are pretty tough- no talking, no sleeping, etc. I am thankful that I do not know much about it. 🙂 At the HS level, I doubt there is ever only 1 student. However, the teacher is a man, and I hope he would have a plan if there ever was only 1 student.
    I have a question for you. Do you ever feel like it is very easy for teachers to give out detentions when they don’t have to supervise them? I always do my own, but sometimes I wonder if students would get the detention if the teacher had to supervise it?

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