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Digital Portfolio: Misc Web 2.0

     This page is for links to full projects created through Instructional Media classes.


     This project was created for “Project-Based Learning”. This project’s focus was offering educated advice on helping the new President and his family select a new First Pet.


Google Earth Virtual Field Trip: Erie Zoo

     This virtual trip was created during “Digital Media in the Classroom”. The purpose of this project was to create a media-infused experience that gives your students the opportunity to develop their respectful and ethical minds. For this project you will select a topic or concept that you teach and develop a virtual field trip in Google Earth through which students will learn about various cultures, be exposed to different perspectives on a topic or engage in critical examination of a global challenge. Your project will integrate digital media assets from Discovery Education streaming including an assessment component.



“A Dog for Obama” WikiSpace 

     For the class “Project-Based Learning” my group and I created a complete project with a joint video, mind maps, timeline, Glogster, and more. Project components can be found at the following addresses – these are only the link for the parts of the project I actually created myself:

WikiSpaces page: http://dogforobama.wikispaces.com/


Mind Map: http://www.mindomo.com/view.htm?m=9012db34ffb447769efb63caf6167613

Asset Map: http://www.mindomo.com/view.htm?m=99ee99e577934fc395afa069fec48759

Glogster: http://dwhiteman.edu.glogster.com/PetPersonalities/

Pet Ownership: My portion of the video project dealt with responsible pet adoption options and getting their first check-up.

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