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Digital Portfolio: PowerPoints

     This page is for the PowerPoint porjects I have created during my Instructional Media classes.

Door Scene (Original)

     This Door Scene interpretation was created for “Digital Storytelling”. The assignment was to use stills in a PowerPoint about the following scripted scenario: A person is about to open a door. The person hears a sound and becomes mildly concerned. The person finds the door locked and searches for his or her keys. The person hears the sound again and becomes visibly apprehensive. The person finally succeeds in opening the door and rushes inside, locking the door behind them. They are visibly relieved to be safely inside.

PhotoStory: “Child Labor”

     This documentary style presentation was created for “Portable Video Production”. The task was to create a photo story based on a set of provided images. Develop a story using the images. Construct the project by importing the images to a video editor. Use movement and transitions to enhance your story.



Photo Editing: Book Report Project (Bunnicula)

     This photo editing project was created for “Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments”. The focus of the project was to edit 10 to 20 images downloaded from the Discovery Education Streaming site and then to  develop a 10-slide presentation on a content area of your choice. The online graphic editor I used was Picnik. The content area I chose was using my 5th grade book report project on the James Howe book Bunnicula.


Jeopardy (PowerPoint Game)

     This Library Skills review game was created for “Differentiation Supported by Technology”.  The goal was to create a PowerPoint game for your content area and grade level. As you build your game, think about what you can do to help your students make sense of the content they’re studying.




Computer Ergonomics

     This PowerPoint presentation was created for “Digital Media in the Classroom”.The task was to demonstrate a practical, yet powerful way to integrate digital media into your instruction as a means for developing the disciplined and/or synthesizing mind. For this project you will select a topic or concept that you teach and develop a PowerPoint presentation that can be used as your own instructional support, as a student resource (e.g., learning center) or both. The presentation will integrate digital video, imagery and audio assets from Discovery Education streaming or another appropriate resource in either a linear or non-linear format.

Metamorphic Prophecy

     This PowerPoint was created for “Using Technology to Support Creativity”. The focus was to respond to the course content as it relates to how this experience has “challenged you to act” as an educator?

Alice Goes Global

     This PowerPoint was created for “Using Technology to Support Creativity”. The task was to create an assessment of one educational technology product. This assignment is designed to build upon the knowledge you have acquired thus far on globalization and education, and assess what educational technologies can be utilized to address the educational demands of globalization. Based upon the theories and concepts that have been investigated, the following questions should be answered within your product review:

  • What components or functionality within the product addresses educational issues related to globalization?
  • How might these technologies help students understand the world in which they will work and live?
  • How can these technologies help students gain valuable skills necessary to be competitive in a global business environment?
  • How can these technologies improve student performance?

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