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Digital Portfolio: Social Networking

    This page contains the links for the social networking tools I maintain a presence with.


Ning: A Librarian’s Ning

     My Ning was created during “Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments”. It is located at http://dwhiteman.ning.com/. This Ning was also updates and used during “Internet Tools for Teaching”. I recently received notification from Ning that all free educator accounts are going to disappear, so you may not have access to this site.



A Librarian’s Blog

     This blog has been used for several of my Instructional Media classes.”A Librarian’s Blog” is through Discovery Education.

A Librarian’s WikiDot

     For “Web 2.0: Impacting Learning Environments” we needed to create a blog using WikiDot instead of using our Discovery Education blog. “A Librarian’s WikiDot” was used only for that one class.


     Delicious is one of the two social bookmarking sites that I had to create and maintain during my Wilkes classes.


     Diigo is the first social bookmarking tool I was exposed to, and I must say it has been the most beneficial. This is the one I maintain the most frequently.


   I maintain a presence on TeacherTube as it is a safe place to upload video projects. It is the online repository for all my projects. All publicly available videos can be accessed at http://teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideolist&user_id=209549.

Live Broadcast

     “Internet Tools for teaching” took me out of my comfort zone for this assignment. We had to create a live broadcast on a topic related to education in some way. I chose to use a trial version of Elluminate for my broadcast because I felt that its interactive features would be more interesting. I used an alteration of my “Computer Ergonomics” PowerPoint to upload for my broadcast presentation. The invitation and broadcast archive can be accessed and viewed at http://wilkes.campuspack.net/Users/Denise.Whiteman/u05a1_Broadcasting_Assignment

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