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Digital Portfolio: Videos

     This page is for video projects created during my Instructional Media classes.



     This was one of my very first video projects, created for “Digital Storytelling”.

Lighting Video

     This video sampler was created for “Portable Video Production”. The focus was to produce a short video (30-45 seconds) showing separate shots of a single, seated subject with the following lighting variations: Unlit figure, Figure lit with key light only, Figure lit with fill light only, Figure lit with back light only, Unlit figure (again), Figure lit with full 3-point lighting (key, fill, and back).


Shooting Gallery

     This shot gallery sampler was created for “Portable Video Production”. The focus was to create a shot reel that includes all of the shots in the two lists below in order. Each shot should contain a text label identifying the shot type. Examples of the shots can be found in Setting Up Your Shots by Jeremy Vineyard, create a shot reel of the assigned shots with titles labeling each shot.

Start with these basic shots. Each of these should be 3 seconds in duration:

  • Basic Framing(pg. 10): Master/Establishing Shot, Full, Medium, Medium Close-up, Close-up, Extreme Close-up

The more complex shots below should be 5 seconds in duration:

  • Techniques of Composition: Dramatic Angle Low Camera, High Camera, Depth Staging
  • Techniques of Movement: Pull Back Reveal, Contract Dolly, Collapse Dolly
  • Techniques of Perspective: P.O.V., Dark Voyeur, Shadow

Anansi and the Pot of Beans

     This is one of the first MovieMaker projects I did. It was done for the class “Digital Storytelling” and it is a movie trailer.


Door Scene (Revised: Little Red Riding Hood)

     This Door Scene interpretation was for “Portable Video Production”. The intent was to create a new version of the door scene within the following guidelines: 

     Using a video camera, interpret and shoot the following scripted scenario: A person is about to open a door. The person hears a sound and becomes mildly concerned. The person finds the door locked and searches for his or her keys. The person hears the sound again and becomes visibly apprehensive. The person finally succeeds in opening the door and rushes inside, locking the door behind them. They are visibly relieved to be safely inside.

     This was not only a new interpretation of the Door Scene concept, but we also had to incorporate several shot angles and effects which were studied during the course. This is probably my most favorite of all the projects I had to create. My child actress was such a sweetheart to let me torture her through the many retakes – and the price was just some of “Little Red’s” basket candy stash!

              This document shows the storyboards for my “Little Red Riding Hood” Door Scene interpretation. whiteman_u03a2_doorSBoard.doc



     This project was created during “Portable Video Production”. The focus of the presentation was to create a 60-120 second video using the full pre-production process that we have studied. You may choose any topic for your video.

     I had chosen a sort of personal narrative for my final project. A title screen will open the video project with a mirror POV image of a Border collie/lab mix named Pepper. This is a brief autobiography as told from Pepper’s point of view – literally. Because the shots will be seen through Pepper’s eyes, everything will be at a very low camera angle. We will not see the subject more than once or twice throughout the entire project. Several shots will be taken of her feet and tail as she would see them. There will not be any over the shoulders as I want the entire video to be through Pepper’s eyes, though there will be some voyeur shots as she looks through a “snarked up” window, screen door, or wire. The dream sequence is aged and in black and white for, as we know, dreams are not in color.  Wink




   I maintain a presence on TeacherTube as it is a safe place to upload video projects. It is the online repository for all my projects. All publicly available videos can be accessed at http://teachertube.com/videoList.php?pg=uservideolist&user_id=209549

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