EDIM 514 Broadcasting

I conducted my first live broadcast last night and it was one of the more humbling experiences of my life.  And although the experience itself wasn’t all that positive – I was nervous, rushed and a bit intimidated – webcasting is definitely something I want to learn more about. I’m especially interested in connecting classrooms to the “real” world through virtual meetings, collaborations and experts’ visits

I had spent so much time checking out the online options that I barely had enough time to pull together what I would actually present. I chose to broadcast with Ustream but Lifestream is an application I want to explore in more depth.

For my broadcast, I chose to read excerpts from a writing assignment I gave during the first week of school. The prompts for the assignment were for the students to write about what they believed in, what they wanted to be known for, what they would like to change, etc. My goal for their writing was to get them thinking about their place in the world and also about setting goals. The reason I chose to share their writing during a live broadcast was because it struck me, as I read their essays, how little we hear of teenage voices and how we sometimes forget that our “students” are real people with strengths, weaknesses, hopes, dreams and opinions just like most adults. I was moved to share their voices  because their voices moved and inspired me to keep what’s truly important about what we do at the forefront of our frenzied days.  Here is the link for my site on uStream and or you can click to see it below:

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV


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