EDIM 514 Self-Evaluation

I decided to evaluate this blog. It has been an ongoing aspect of my studies at Wilkes since the second course I took, and as such, it both references and represents the many different ideas and tools I have been experimenting with for the past year. I used this rubric for the evaluation and gave myself a 22/25.

The rubric is fairly comprehensive and assesses Critical Reading, Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Quality of Entries and Community of Practice. I felt that I did well for the Creative Thinking and Quality of Entries and have room for improvement with the other three categories. I am especially interested in improving the “Community” aspect of my blogging because the spirit of participation and reciprocity is really the heart of the educational blogging world.

I found this to be one of the more useful tasks we’ve had to do. Self-reflection is so important and instructive; I really do need to find the time to make it a more regular practice.  Even more powerful than the insights gained from this reflection, I found the discipline of pouring over rubrics and analyzing categories – and the gradations within those categories – to be extraordinarily helpful. It raised the all-important questions: What do we assess and why? What are we teaching? How do we really measure learning? When students are given the regular practice of self-evaluating, these evaluations can help teachers assess how well we are doing. Good rubrics can be excellent road maps.


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