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This portfolio is a work in progress. In this post, I bring together various projects and tools that reflect the kind of classroom I try to create and the kind of learner I am.

About Me

I teach history to 9th and 10th grade students in Philadelphia at the Girard Academic Music Program. I am also enrolled in the graduate Instructional Media program at Wilkes University.

Student Projects

I feel as though it’s better to look at what my students do than what I do.

Voicethread on Slave Resistance

The goal of the activity was to have the students work with primary sources, analyze the many ways slaves resisted their enslavement and to gain practice with effective peer review. I thought that Voicethread was an appropriate tool to use to accomplish these goals. Here is one example:

Jim Crow Wiki Project

This project was kind of like a digital jigsaw: teams of three students were responsible for researching various people, events and organizations from the Jim Crow Era, creating wiki pages to showcase their learning and visiting the many pages to do peer reviews and answer questions. We also had a “dinner party” and the students came dressed in costume and “mingled” to learn about who they all researched. You can see all of their work here.

 The Double Victory Campaign

The Double Victory Campaign

My Work

I sometimes start a new unit with a multimedia tool called Vuvox. Vuvox allows you to create interactive collages by embedding images, documents, text, links, video and audio files. Below is one example and you can see the others that I created here.

Digital Storytelling for Wilkes University

I made this personal introduction for a Digital Storytelling class I took:

Find more videos like this on Hennessy History

This video, entitled From Jim Crow to Civil Rights, was the final project for that same class. I combined original footage of my students with photos and clips from Discovery Education. I was able to use it later in the year to introduce the Jim Crow era:

Find more videos like this on Hennessy History

My Ustream Channel – has just one broadcast on it at the moment. In it, I share excerpts from students writing about what they believe in and what they want to be known for.

My Networks

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