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December 9th, 2008

I have so many teacher resource books that they are overtaking my closets.  I think I keep buying new ones because I want more ideas or the ones in the book don’t quite work for me.  When I discovered blogs, I’ve stopped adding to the book collection and I’ve now built up a rss feed collection.  I also like it because the blogs keep changing.  I also like to follow blogrolls of the ones I read and it’s like I’m in blog bookstore.  I keep discovering new blogs to read and they don’t take up anyspace in my already crowded closets. 

I started blogging because it was a required part of my coursework.  I have often read blogs especially teacher blogs.  I find them a source of inspiration and a wealth of ideas.  I think the great things about blogs is that you can see what other colleagues are doing out there in their classrooms or schools.  I recently started to look read blogs about technology integration in education.  The one blog I read and look for technology ideas is http://larryferlazzo.edublogs.org/.  I like his blog because I like to see his top websites in different categories.  For example, he has The Best “Fun” Sites You Can Use For Learning, Too.  I look here to see websites I can incorporate into my classroom. 

 The other blog that I read is http://coachingchronicles.blogspot.com/ .  I like this blog because they are trying to improve their school and teaching by working collobartively with each other.  They look to themselves to see what strengths they have to offer.  I also like that they post pictures of actual students work or videos of actual lesson.  It’s what I would like professional development to be at my school.  I can get great ideas to implement or share with my other teachers.

What is your go to blog to read about education?

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