Hello world! Greetings from the Garden State!

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Greetings to all!  This is my first blog post.  I have another blog, but I wanted to learn how to navigate around the WordPress platform.  This blog will be used specifically for my Internet Tools for Teachers course.

About me…

I am currently an Assistant Principal at a school that serves students from grades Pre-K – 7.  This is my first year as an administrator and I definitely feel like a complete novice.  My past experiences as a Technology Coordinator and Resource Teacher Coordinator afforded me several opportunities to learn about wonderful technology resources and opportunities to enhance instruction across the curriculum.

I learned about Wilkes University’s Instructional Media program when I attended an ISTE Conference in Washington DC – I was specifically drawn to the partnership with Discovery Education.  This program truly is a great value; awesome courses connected to my personal interests as an educational technologist-at-heart and the tuition costs were reasonable.  Immediately, I shared this program with several colleagues.  We established a cohort to complete this program and we have the best of both worlds; learning in a virtual environment and having face-to-face peer support as needed.  This partnership has worked and we are now looking to graduate this semester! We will all convene on campus in May for the first time.  I hope the school offers campus tours when we get there!