USTREAM Broadcast and Reflections

Posted on February 21st, 2012 in Uncategorized by kriddick1908

I enjoyed working with my virtual learning partners face to face today. We collectively decided to focus on our favorite ed-tech tools and devices- ePals, SMART Responders, Flip Video, and iPad2. Recording live made us all quite nervous! One can’t edit bloopers during live streaming. We rehearsed prior to the live feed. We practiced using several devices and discovered that iPhone and iPad have Ustream apps where one can produce a Ustream Broadcast right away. Fortunately, Diana’s husband was kind enough to man the camera. All in all, we enjoyed each other and talking about a subject we are quite passionate made our dialogue quite easy. I hope you get an opportunity to visit our ustream video.

Please click on the link above.  Even using HTML, Ustream is not embedding properly via WordPress.

What would we do differently? We would make sure we press “record” as well as “broadcast”. Unfortunately, we missed our opening and the first couple of minutes Nzinga’s ePals review.

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