Digital Portfolio

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Please take time to view my digital portfolio. As an assistant principal and student at Wilkes University, this wiki serves as a digital snapshot of my time at Wilkes University as an Instructional Media Student.  Creating this digital portfolio provided me an awesome opportunity to review, organize, and reflect upon the body of work that was created while studying at Wilkes.

I hope there is something in the portfolio you find useful, insightful, thought-provoking, and worthwhile.

Please feel free to reach out to me for opportunities to collaborate, communicate, and create! The students at my school are open to these wonderful experiences!

Self Assessment – Glogster

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I used the rubric from to assess my Glog (Our Teeth).  I chose this Glog because it was relatively simple to comprehend and use.

Information on Glog- Excellent (20 pts.)-  The information was relevant and specific.The student understands the topic.

Creativity – Excellent (10 pts.) The blog is visually interesting and compelling.

Attention to Detail – Excellent (5 pts.) Correct punctuation, grammar, complete sentences, and spelling were used.

Citation – Excellent (5 pts.) Proper citation was used for media used  from internet sources in the glog.

Total Points earned : 50 points

In retrospect, this is not the best rubric.  I would modify it to make it more task specific.  Additionally, I am not certain what point values are assigned to “Good”, “Acceptable”, and “Incomplete”.

I met the preliminary requirements that the glog had the following:

-Explanation of the area of explored

– At least 2 images (where one is linked to a website)

-Bibliographic reference for media in the correct format.

Click on the link to access the glog.

Cell Phone Use in the Classroom

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Using social media, I searched high and low for someone who was brave enough to use a cell phone in the classroom for instruction. I posted the following inquiry via FaceBook:
“Fellow educators: Does anyone know of a teacher who actually uses cell phones in the classroom (i.e. for polls everywhere, iMovie, garageband, video, podcasting, etc.). I know as an RTC, I showed examples and even modeled, but do you know someone who actually uses it? Please inbox me if you do. Thanks.” These are the responses I received:
“No I don’t but you can come show me :D”; ” Me too! I’d like to see the application in my grade/content area. Sounds interesting.”; and “I think they either never thought of it…or are afraid. Mostly afraid…..I know I use it occasionally to trouble shoot the smaRtboard. If smart board support can see what I am talking about, they can help me fix a problem and not call ISD…….it’s been most helpful. But for academics…don’t think I know anyone…great discussion question though.” I also know of a teacher who uses the cell phone to circumvent the blocked webpages in the school district. She uses the phone to tether onto her laptop. Go figure.

Ben Green, teacher and friend, reminded me that he used a cell phone in the classroom for instructional purposes. Listen to the audio attached to learn more. In short, he used it to create podcasts with grade 1 and 7 students. He was quite mindful of CIPA regulations and kept access to these audio recording extremely private, mentioning the use of the private school-based student common drive to store the audio files. I, too, used a cell phone to record this interview. Thanks for listening.
Ben Green Interview-1

I knew I would become a teacher when…

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Enjoy this short video created and edited via the power of iPhone 4s.  I love this phone! I am convinced mobile technologies are taking over by whirlwind proportions!  I hope you enjoy and I am open to feedback.

I knew I would be an educator when…