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Posted on March 11th, 2012 in Uncategorized by kriddick1908

I used the rubric from to assess my Glog (Our Teeth).  I chose this Glog because it was relatively simple to comprehend and use.

Information on Glog- Excellent (20 pts.)-  The information was relevant and specific.The student understands the topic.

Creativity – Excellent (10 pts.) The blog is visually interesting and compelling.

Attention to Detail – Excellent (5 pts.) Correct punctuation, grammar, complete sentences, and spelling were used.

Citation – Excellent (5 pts.) Proper citation was used for media used  from internet sources in the glog.

Total Points earned : 50 points

In retrospect, this is not the best rubric.  I would modify it to make it more task specific.  Additionally, I am not certain what point values are assigned to “Good”, “Acceptable”, and “Incomplete”.

I met the preliminary requirements that the glog had the following:

-Explanation of the area of explored

– At least 2 images (where one is linked to a website)

-Bibliographic reference for media in the correct format.

Click on the link to access the glog.

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