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Relflection: Using Media-Infused Presentations to Develop Disciplined and Synthesizing Minds
July 15, 2011, 9:28 am
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A media-infused presentation, such as Prezi, can help our students develop both disciplined and synthesizing minds.  Prezi can be used to address the 4 steps that Gardner believes will help us achieve a disciplined mind (Gardner, 2007, p. 32-34).  Prezi allows us to present important topics within a discipline.  It is a presentation that engages students for a significant amount of time and can provide a variety of examples for students to reflect on.  Prezi also approaches subject matter from a variety of ways by using images, audio, written words, and video to interest several of the multiple intelligences.  Finally, Prezi can be set up to lead students to opportunities that will allow them to practice their understanding of a topic. Through these four steps, our students can utilize Prezi in their quest to achieve a disciplined mind.

Prezi helps our students synthesize information by giving the creator of the presentation the ability to include information necessary for a student to begin to piece together information for synthesis of a topic.  Gardner believes there are “four loosely ordered components” that enable us to synthesize information (Gardner, 2007, p. 51-52).  The Prezi creator can provide students with a clear goal to help the students know what they are trying to achieve.  Prezi is a great method to introduce a topic for students to continue to build their knowledge from.  A variety of information can be provided within the presentation to help guide the students to the method that they best synthesize information with.  Prezis can help us form narratives in our minds much as they can leave us to form a theory involving the information we have just interacted with.  Assigning a student to create a Prezi, would enable the student to create a presentation demonstrating what he or she has learned about a topic.

Overall, Prezi allows both the teacher and the student to incorporate many different angles and samples of a topic.  It permits us to “fly” from tidbit of information to another tidbit.  Students are engaged and we are able to increase the depth at which our students are able to learn thereby allowing them to create more meaningful connections and synthesize the information more easily than struggling to make connections from lectures or textbooks alone.  Through all of this, we are able to use a media-infused presentation, such as Prezi, to help create disciplined and synthesizing minds.


Gardner, Howard. (2007). Five minds for the future. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

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