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Creative Commons License
January 31, 2012, 7:23 pm
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I chose what Creative Commons considers to be the most restrictive license for my blog: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives.  That means that people are able to view my work and share it as long as I am given credit.  It also means that others may not change my work and are not permitted to make a profit from it.   I am not publishing the world’s most profound ideas, but if someone feels that they would like to share my ideas (hopefully in a positive way!) then I would like credit.  I am not comfortable with others changing my work, so I decided to not allow that in my license.  Finally, if anyone were to make a profit from my thoughts, I’d hope it would be me!

I would recommend this license to students who are considering a Creative Commons License especially if they are under the age of 18.  It would be my hope that this type of license would provide the best protection to a young user.  Once the student is over 18, then he/she can decide if a less restrictive license would be more to his/her liking.

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Welcoming Statement
January 27, 2012, 5:54 pm
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Hello to everyone in EDIM 514 Internet Tool for Teaching!  My name is Mary Kurtak.  I currently live in Media, PA but was raised in Pottsville, PA.  I enjoy any sort of project that allows me to be creative- from cooking to crafts.   I have taken pottery classes, a mosaic workshop, and enjoy tinkering around with other “art” related activities in my spare time.  I also enjoy the company of my little Trixie cat and care for a cat named Pumpkin who may or may not enjoy my company.

This is my 6th course in the EDIM program.  I began taking these courses to fulfill my Pennsylvania Level II teaching certification requirements and to learn more about technology.   I have been impressed with the amount that I have learned!  I came from a corporate background that used technology in the day to day business and thought I was up to date.  These courses have taught me that there is so much more to learn about and use in the classroom. 

 I am currently a Kindergarten teacher for the School District of Philadelphia which offers all sorts of daily adventures when it comes to teaching, but is lacking when it comes to technology and other resources.  I hope that someday technology will be more accessible to my students and I want to be ready to guide them.  For now, my 24 students and I make the most of what we have and are slowly teaching each other how to share the computers we have, how to be patient when they run slow or stop working, and on good days how to publish our writing on Glogster and use Microsoft Word.  I know that doesn’t seem very exciting, but there is one of me, 4 old Macs, and 24 very eager students to keep calm and focused as we learn.  I’m very proud of what they are learning and will strive to integrate more technology for them!