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Integrating Social Networking
February 13, 2012, 7:39 pm
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This week in class we are working on integrating social networking into a curricular assignment.  I have chosen to use my Kindergarten’s current lesson plans in which we are studying Weather.

Here is the lesson plan:

Big Idea(s):

The sun, air and water cycle work together as a system to give us weather. Measurements and records help us predict weather and make decisions about our daily lives

Objectives: Students will:

  • Explain objects in terms of the materials from which they are made and by their properties
  • Participate in and make observations of simple guided investigations
  • Given basic problems, discuss possible solutions
  • Observe and describe weather

Teaching Objectives: What I Will Teach

  • Use a graph to record data
  • Draw conclusions based on data from experiments

Ideas for Investigation

Weather: Change and Measurements:
10 segments through SchoolNet Discovery Education fm?guidAssetID=691A2C16-B716-4C19-8C3B- BBF6F01DA8BC

 Sample Assessment Items
PSSA Multiple Choice  

Which word describes weather?
(Teacher selects vocabulary words)

PA Standards:

3.4A Recognize basic concepts about the structure and properties of matter.
3.2C Recognize and use elements of scientific inquiry to solve problems.
3.2D Recognize and use the technological design process to solve problems.
3.5C Know basic weather elements.

School District of Philadelphia

I plan to integrate Social Networking into this lesson plan by using Edmodo.  Edmodo would help us open our verbal in class discussions into a new written, social forum.  I plan to use Edmodo to address the objective: observe and describe weather.  I have added a poll to my Edmodo page to address the PSSA Multiple Choice question: “Which word describes weather?”  I have also added daily assignments requiring the students to write sentences describing that day’s weather and completion of a weather chart on a Google Doc.  We will then take the weather chart’s results and complete a classroom weekly weather chart together.

I created a group for my classroom called Room 112.  Since my students are not able to read or write very much at this point, I decided that we would need to begin the responses with my assistance.  I feel that I can add more groups, such as maybe their table names as groups and allow them to work on the prompts in groups of 3 or 4 in a few weeks.

Once the students are able to work in small groups, I would use our Kindergarten rubric to grade their sentences and completion of work.  (see below)

4   Advanced- I did excellent work!
3   Proficient- I did good work!
2   Basic- I made some mistakes.
1   Below Basic- I need to try again.
0    I didn’t do my work. or
I didn’t follow the directions. or
The teacher cannot read my work.

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