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February 26, 2012, 7:31 am
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When first posed with this assignment, I looked over our list of educators to contact who use cell phones in their lessons.  I decided to investigate Jimbo Lamb’s site mainly because he was listed as being from Central Pennsylvania and I grew up in that region.  I noticed his blog listed on our assignment was from 2008 so I kept reading his posts to see if he is still using cell phones in the classroom.  He is, and it turns out he has posted the answers to our interview questions this past December.  It appears he is not very impressed with our assignment since it has been 4 years since he began using cell phones in his classroom.  I’m not going to comment too much on his blog, since our assignment is to actually interview someone.  The school he teaches at has fairly relaxed rules compared to rules I have encountered in the schools/districts I have taught in.  I recommend reading his blog to see his “interview” questions and compare his experiences to your own.

 Now, onto my interview….

 This interview happened by accident.  I received a phone call from a friend of mine.  We both taught at the same school in SW Philadelphia a few years ago and have remained friends.  I was talking to her about our project and what Jimbo Lamb was posting.  She mentioned, half joking, that I should interview her since she has uses her cell phone in class.  Lo and behold, my interview was born!

 My friend, Linda, and I both still work for the School District of Philadelphia.  Our Student Code of Conduct states that it is a Level 1 (Minor) Infraction to be in possession of a cell phone or other device that can take photos, record or play video, transmit messages or images, or connect to an unfiltered internet connection.  Possession warrants possible after-school detention, Saturday detention, or in-school suspension.  Many principals will hold cell phones in their offices for parents to claim if they catch students with cell phones.

 Linda currently teaches third grade, and as you can see our students should not have cell phones at school so she doesn’t have a set lesson established for cell phone use.  Instead, she uses her cell phone in remedial situations with a small group or one on one.  She has found that her students, who are struggling with math and often become disruptive during whole group instruction will settle down if they know they can use the stopwatch or calculator feature on her iPhone during their small group time.  Since she does not have a working classroom computer, nor access to the middle year students’ computer lab she has also used her iPhone so her students could listen to Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech when her class was learning about Dr. King.

 Unfortunately, parental involvement and interest isn’t a priority with many of Linda’s students’ parents, so she doesn’t know if they support or don’t support her cell phone efforts.  She hasn’t encountered any opposition from the principal and has been able to use her cell phone without any technical difficulties.

Jimbo Lamb’s Blog:

 School District of Philadelphia’s Student Code of Conduct:

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